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As a child growing up, I was a very ‘picky eater’. I developed a number of food and food texture aversions and refused to eat most fruits and vegetables. My dysfunctional relationship with food continued throughout my teenage years. Frequent periods of depriving myself of food, followed by binges on sugary and carbohydrate-heavy ‘beige’ foods (such as toast, potatoes and pizza), was messing with my blood sugar control, hormone balance and gut health; leaving me feeling mentally and physically exhausted. My body was deficient in healthy fats, low in protein and many essential nutrients, which are the building blocks for a healthy body; leaving my skin looking dull and prone to acne breakouts, my hair and nails brittle and weak. I had irregular periods and horrible PMS.


It was only in my twenties, that I eventually started to educate myself about food. I became fed up with feeling like a social leper when invited to friend's dinner parties, as I was always frightened that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything on the menu. Gradually, I started to become fascinated with the vast array of new foods and cuisines now available to me and I started to re-wire the way I ate; cutting out processed foods, introducing more vegetables and learning how to cook well.

Very quickly, I started to see the dramatic effects of a healthy diet and lifestyle in myself. For the first time in forever, my skin was glowing, and my hair and nails were getting stronger. My energy levels were higher than they had ever been and my PMS had gone. I was now able to maintain my weight via a combination of eating a nutritious well-balanced diet and taking regular exercise. 

In 2013, through a strong desire to help other people like myself, I decided to retrain by going back to university to follow my dream of becoming a Nutritionist. During my studies, I developed a passion for female health concerns and functional sports nutrition which grew stronger as I started to apply the principles of functional medicine to my own life.

I love my job and I feel passionately about helping my clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

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